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Britannica ImageQuest & ImageQuest Jr.

Did you know visuals amplify learning by 400%, making it 83% more effective than text?

Step into the world of enhanced visual learning with Britannica ImageQuest and ImageQuest Jr., where grainy images are a thing of the past.

📸 Britannica ImageQuest & ImageQuest Jr.:

Discover Diversity: Explore millions of rights-cleared images and videos tailored for every learner.

Amplify Learning: Hone visual literacy, foster collaboration, boost engagement and skill development.

Quality at Every Click: Enjoy curriculum-aligned galleries from renowned sources, ensuring safe and age-appropriate content.

Easy Navigation: Seamlessly search, filter, save, and share, bringing lessons vividly to life.

For Young Minds: ImageQuest Jr. offers a vibrant, playful platform, perfect for K-5 learners to explore, create, and collaborate.

Download PDF • 376KB

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